Jan 282013

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I know I’ve been very quiet and I didn’t mean for it to last this long, but one of the things I’ve been focusing (intensely) on, is my health. After the holiday indulgences, I just couldn’t look at one more baked anything. I couldn’t see myself eating another morsel of meat. It was as if my body craved for balance and renewal.

In the beginning, my attempts were difficult. It wasn’t until I was struggling through a run that D. pointed out I didn’t much like exerting myself to the point of heart-pounding madness. That made me realize that I did not, in fact, enjoy running the hills of my village. I only really enjoyed the scenery.  I also realized I did not enjoy the PEAK 8 exercises I was making myself do. I truly did not.

I decided I’d stop reading what other people had to say and start tuning in to what my body was telling me.  I used to dance in my youth and I always enjoyed that.  Years of ballet and jazz programmed me to look for movement that’s somehow similar. So I signed up for a neighborhood Zumba class. It makes me sweat and I enjoy it. I also really love Barre 3 and have a monthly subscription to their online workouts, so I decided to join their 28-day challenge and just do it more often. I love it because it’s mindful movement. It’s not a crazy cardio speed thing, but peaceful inner movement that I can adjust to my personal needs. One of the things I love about it is that the founder, Sadie Lincoln, always encourages her students to make it their own. I subscribe to that philosophy in everything, so that really resonates.

Then someone posted a 30-day green smoothie challenge. What a great way to get even more greens into my system, so I’m doing that. Whenever I feel hungry for a snack, I go get a green smoothie.  Through the Barre 3 challenge, I was put in touch with Andrea Nakayama who is a functional nutritionist and I signed-up for her Core Values Detox program as well. That was the most awesome detox I have ever been on. First of all, you eat. There is no starving or fasting. It’s just clean, mindful eating. I gave up dairy, sugar, gluten, meat and (gasp) coffee!! I didn’t think it would be that easy. But I did it and I feel good. I’ve lost some weight and my clothes are becoming loose for the first time in years and years!!! Some of my health issues also lifted without any further medication or therapy.

My 2013 motto seems to be telling me to listen to what I truly need by paying attention to what I love and enjoy.  I didn’t even realize I wasn’t doing that until I was forcing myself to run and to do workouts I dreaded. I listened to my body’s raging need to get clean again and I did it without suffering at all.  I am officially off the 10 day detox but still eating clean as much as I can. I’m gearing up for a deeper cleanse with Andrea soon and I’m looking forward to what that brings.

What is your body telling you and isn’t it about time you paid attention, too?


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  1. Good for you, panj! I have t tried going through a detox though I think I really should. But I’ve been doing some tweaks here and there in our diets for improved health. For instance, instead of my usual cup of rice and fried anything, we now just have fresh veggie juice. The 15k-juicer is one of our best investments in 2012. I’ve lost 8lbs since.

  2. I forgot to mention that we take the fresh veggie juice for breakfast. Our lunch and dinner are the usual fare, but never without veggies

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