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I used to be a gym addict, but after I had kids, I just didn’t enjoy being there anymore. It’s a good thing I discovered Pilates and that quickly became my favorite workout.  I liked working with my body weight and the constant stretching and core strengthening. But when I moved out to my quiet space outside of the city, I gave it a rest. The nearest Pilates studio was 45 minutes away and, well, I was hibernating. Of course I regret it. The forties is not the time to rest from working out; it’s the time to move even more.  Well, that’s easier said than done. I am halfway through my forties and dealing with major energy fluctuations. I know it’s all part of it, so I just do my best. There are certain tricks that I employ to get me motivated and here’s one of them:

Activity-defining stickers help me keep track of my workout week.

I had these stickers made so I could put them on my little Moleskine calendar. Each one represents a kind of exercise I do, so I can monitor what I’m doing, just because I want to be able to do that.  On a good week, I’ll have a lot of different stickers on.  When I’m down and unable to workout, there may be just one or two.  I have to tell you there’s nothing like sticking them on and reviewing a good week full of colorful squares. Yay! You know what else I love? Seeing my clothesline full of workout clothes. I know that I’ve been good, strong and disciplined when I have 4 or 5 sets there per week. Double yay!

Another thing I do is get into my workout clothes first thing, especially if there’s stuff I need to do before I am able to exercise. Being in workout gear is a constant reminder of what I need to do. It’s very hard to put them on and then take them off just because you’re lazy. If you’re dressed for it, you’ll do it.

The best thing I did for my workouts is build a little studio in my house just for me.  So now I just go down to my little room and do my thing. I have several dvd workouts and also subscribe to mybarre3 because I love Barre3. I used to love going to the local Barre3 studios to do the workouts, but I felt the airconditioning was just getting in the way of my sweat, plus having to travel to a studio to exercise is too vulnerable to cancellation. With two boys, it’s never easy to keep to the schedule and when things get tight, it’s always mama who gives in. This way, I just need to be home. I make sure I do different workouts so I don’t get bored.

Recently someone told me he could never workout at home; the toned bodies in the gym inspire him. Well, all I need to do is see how the years have crept up on my formerly toned physique and I am inspired enough to hit the room and sweat!! These days I just tell myself it doesn’t have to be intense all the time. If I’m feeling tired then I do a quick one, just as long as I get my heart pumping and break a sweat.

What do you do to keep motivated?


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  1. I love mybarre3 and recently got into running. Where did you have those stickers made? That’s a great idea! Are they as small as the Moleskine stickers?

    • I just had them made and specified certain images based on my needs. Yes, I used the Moleskine stickers as the standard for size!

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