Dec 062011
Love the detail

I had a great time shopping at TALA a few weekends ago. TALA is the brainchild of Mavis Fuentebella and some like-minded moms. I love the stylishness, the fabrics and the price points of these clothes. There was a time I could only look wistfully at the TALA clothes because I found them too short, but recently Mavis started designing longer dresses, so I finally made a few purchases! And just when I was getting excited about TALA, she launched Grubbies. Grubbies is the active lifestyle line. I’m more the Grubbies type, since I don’t do a lot of dress-up events anymore.  They are comfy, well-designed pieces that take  you through the day in understated style. I love Grubbies!!!


Happy colors!



Great color palette!


Earth tones and textures.


Mavis and her mom partners have a great arrangement. They’re all moms first and that’s understood. So when someone has to be home or with a child, that takes priority. Everyone defines his commitment to this endeavor. I love that. It gives everyone freedom. From the way it looks, the arrangement is working beautifully.  Every woman has a creative and entrepreneurial expression, without the pressure of being away from home and the children.


TALA dress with JO accessories


Did I tell you that they collaborate with Joyce Oreña as well? She makes the most amazing accessories and I’m always trying to veer away from her counter so as not to involuntarily give up my wallet.


Mavis and husband, Jim, making sure the kids of customers are happily busy while mom shops.


This season, you can find Tala and Grubbies at Unit 103, Three Salcedo Place, Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village, Makati. They are open Thursdays-Saturdays, 10am-6pm, and Sundays from 12nn-6pm.


Natural beauty, Mavis, with my favorite Grubbies denim bag. I use it for everything.


There is so much to love about this initiative, but the thing I love most is that it’s 100% Filipino made. The price points are good and you know you’re getting value for money and supporting a local business as well.

Congratulations to TALA, Grubbies, Mavis and her team!!

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  1. I like their clothes! Looks so comfy and chic!
    Yes, I found their dresses too short too, hahaha… I rarely wear short dresses.
    Just too inconvenient for me to go to their shop. Good thing Grubbies is also available at Catalogue63 online shop. 🙂

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