Aug 172010

I was never one for running. I tried it, admittedly without conviction, motivation nor pleasure, many years ago and just found it too jarring and not my thing. I was happy just walking, doing my pilates, rebounding, doing everything slowly.  But then the forties hit and those who are there with me know what that means for the body. I felt I needed to do more and though I love rebounding, I live in a fantastic neighborhood for walking and, well, running. Yup, I felt the time had come to add that to my regimen.

So I sent an SMS to all my runner friends asking for numbers of trainers. I was going to get into this with proper training. Stories of running injuries abound and I didn’t want that at all;  I wanted to start properly. Well, one text message mentioned Chi Running. That intrigued me so I googled it and got very excited.

Chi Running incorporates core work, proper alignment, body awareness, relaxation and enjoyment into your running technique. It teaches you how to let gravity work for you. There is a wisdom here that I already live by in the many platforms of exercise and movement I continue to use in my life. Danny Dreyer, the founder of Chi Running leads a holistic lifestyle and believes that running doesn’t have to mean injuries. He runs with a focus on the body-mind connection and that really appealed to me.

The best thing about learning Chi Running is there’s a local certified instructor, Lit Onrubia.  We waited a few weeks before he could come out to our neck of the woods but it was worth it.  He gives workshops regularly, so I’m sure you’ll be able to find one that will fit your schedule. If you’re contemplating running, do this first! I used to pant going uphill and put on invisible breaks going downhill, but a few hours with Lit and I already have a technique that works. Now I look at hills with zero dread–ok–greatly diminished dread.

You guys, Lit makes running a pleasure! Chi Running rocks!

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  1. Hi Panjee, Sorry to ask but I was wondering if this Chi running could also be applied if I were to run on a treadmill. I live in a condo and where it is located is just not conducive to outdoor running. Thanks.


  2. Hi Marga,

    I would think it applies to running everywhere. There's also chi walking, by the way.

    Go ahead and email Lit. He's very helpful!

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