Sep 192010
Seriously, how loud does everything have to be?  At a dinner with friends Friday night, we talked about how often we have to ask for music to be turned down everywhere we go–from stores, to coffee shops and restaurants, everything has become unbearably noisy.
I entered a watch store a few weeks back and couldn’t get the attention of any of the salespeople. They were staring vacantly, yet absently moving along with the deafening beat. They were in slow motion. I was trying to ask a question and was motioning to my ears and they still didn’t get it. I finally yelled, “CAN YOU PLEASE TURN DOWN THE MUSIC ?” Yes, it was that loud. Very, very loud. They looked at me as though I were a crazy villainess and grudgingly slow motioned to wherever the controls were. They adjusted the volume so minutely that I just gave up and walked out.
On a recent trip this summer, D. and I marvelled at how nice and quiet the malls were. You can actually think while you shop and enjoy walking without feeling so assaulted. Here, I zip in and out and have learned to stay away from noisy places.  If I’m hearing the music from outside, I know it’s going to be unbearable inside. Forget it.
Really, how loud does it need to be? Until there are laws that protect our hearing, I’m going to keep asking everyone to please turn it down.
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  1. The one thing I dread about going back home to Manila is the noise.
    I remember going home for the first time after just one year in a rural setting and it was such an assault on my senses.

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