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I used to have shiny trees that were all decked out with strings and strings of electric lights, shiny balls, spirals,  ribbons, everything!  But after I found Waldorf/Steiner Education and Anthroposohy, all this faded away. Today my tree is much simpler and everything on it means something.

This ball was lovingly hand-painted by a dear friend, Joy, for the boys.

It has their name, the year she gave it and some lovely boughs.

This catches the light beautifully. From my lovely friend,
Denise. 2 little baby balls and 1 mama ball.

Some of them I made.

This my child made.

This little guy was made by Joy as well.

Along with this little fellow.

And this cutie is also by my son.
     These are photo ornaments of my sons, from their first Christmas to the
    present. On the left are handmade ornaments from friends and one ornament
that accompanied an I Can Serve Christmas card many years ago.

These are some of the special ornaments we always have on our tree. Each one has a story behind it and is loved and cherished by us.  On Christmas Eve I will put the final touches of 30 red roses and 3 white, and the 33 candles which will glow for me and my boys on Christmas morning. Our tree is a story of the life we continue to make together. What’s yours like?

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  5 Responses to “What’s On Your Tree?”

  1. I love it! My kind of tree. I do the same with ours, from our kid's very first baby socks and mittens(which I personally embroidered), even his teethers(haha), and all his little artworks from school are now hanging from it. I believe these are things money can't buy and definetly puts a deeper and better meaning on how a kid looks at Christmas.
    Thanks for sharing, Panjee and a Blessed Christmas to you and your family.

    All the best.


  2. i love your tree…so meaningful for you and your boys. love the photos of your boys.

  3. Lisa, thank you, and I hope you had a Blessed Christmas. Your tree sounds so special!

    Joy, that's thanks to you! Your handmade offerings are among those we treasure the most.

  4. I'm not very craft-y but I do try to make a personal effort at creating things for the home. This year, in an attempt to make the holidays both economical and fun, I went through my son's toys in search of ideas for ornaments. It seems fitting for our household. 🙂

  5. Hi Candice, it's a good way to repurpose the endless toys, too!

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