Jun 112019

Last year, pondering the state of the world, I told a friend: We must let love be our defiance. We can’t let the blatant lying take root and sprout into cynicism or worse, apathy. We can’t let evil take root by having our anger and resentment grow bigger and harder than our kindness and compassion.

We must let LOVE be our defiance. And so when our heart is broken or something awful and horrific happens in the world, we can pause and ask “what would love have me do”? And the answer, if the question is asked from a soft heartspace, isn’t always “forgive, forget, rise above, let go”. Sometimes love says no and creates a boundary. Sometimes it concedes and walks away. But not with resentment nor blame, because these require looking outward and away from ourselves. To be in the space of love, we are first and foremost centered inwardly, not in selfishness but in the quiet fullness of our breath.

I saw this flame tree in the midst of all the green and thought, that’s what it looks like: fully yourself, treading on no one and enhancing the space for miles.

“When we feel certain that the human soul is no longer at work in the world, it’s time to make sure that ours is visible to someone, somewhere.”

–Parker J. Palmer

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