Jun 022019
Last reunion.

It is not the best photo; we were against the light and no amount of amateur editing could change that. But at least we have it. It’s the only one I have of the two of us together.

Mon was a writer and I was a host for a television game show many, many moons ago. I liked how quiet but funny he was. There was a sensitivity about him that I connected with. When I married and became a mother, I left that world and inhabited a new one. We lost touch. Years later, thanks to Facebook, we found each other again and stayed in touch from time to time.

If there was anything that inspired Mon to connect, it was my writing. He was one of a handful of loyal followers who made sure to write and comment about my posts. He was always encouraging me to write more and wanted me to write a book already!

Mon left the Philippines a long time ago and settled in Australia. He was no longer in the business of creative writing, but he never abandoned it, which is more than I can say for myself. He kept writing poetry and published his own books and I told him how much I admired him for it. He told me to just do it and offered to be my editor.

He reposted my previous blog post and told me how much it touched him. He reminded me for the millionth time that my book was waiting.

A few days later, his niece sent a message asking for prayers as Mon had collapsed at work and was fighting for his life. He lost that fight and I haven’t written since. Each time I opened the blog to write, I saw that post and remembered him and then would abandon the task. That was nine months ago.

But here I am at last, right on time for giving birth to something new (or made new), being brave and starting again. How foolish of me to think that NOT writing was okay. There is no better way to celebrate his life than to keep doing the thing he loved–the thing we both love. There is no better way to start writing again than to honor this human being who wasn’t a constant in my life, but whose creative presence lives in me today.

Salamat, Ramon, for being such an inspiration. Here we go.

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