Jun 182018


It’s been raining and I am missing my long walks. I managed a quick one before the skies turned gray and opened again. So I ambled back home, filled the air with Bach and enjoyed the rain from my window.

The last few weeks have been crazy where I live. Grave anomalies by our developer were discovered by a resident and everyone is understandably up in arms. I found myself attending endless meetings and marinating in a sea of veiled energies. I have a very powerful and simple technique for self-care so I’ve been taking extra time to practice HeartMath┬«, listening to music and communing with my plants. I am suddenly so in love with indoor plants and have spent a small fortune in Qach, buying even tiny ones to perch on my study spaces. What I have been missing from my outdoor jaunts, I try to make up for indoors.

I have also started turning my phone, laptop and wi-fi off at 6:30pm–a luxury I know I will have to give up as soon as my boys return from vacation. For now I am enjoying this nightly ritual of freeing myself from screens and their effects. I even resuscitated my vintage CD player and played music from there as I didn’t want to go to my laptop for that.

The world is moving too quickly for me and I have been struggling with my own growing attachment (or is it addiction ?) with screens, but these little tweaks have helped bring me to center again–shutting down and off, bringing heart and mind together, breathing.

I hope your weekend was as simple and lovely.

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