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Three weeks ago, I opened my home to interested  individuals who wanted to experience Advent consciously. My only requirements : commit to all sessions and come on time. Predictably, there was a fallout. What started out as a group of eight has dwindled to six, but last week we started to feel what can arise when a vessel is kept whole by a group of truly committed people with a shared purpose.  This year, we are working with the theme “integrity”. On one level it means showing up consistently and on time, being responsible, being true to your word, and on another it means being upright, gathering all our parts towards wholeness and alignment. 

On the first week, we looked at our lives from the standpoint of physical movement, our surroundings, our bodies: where were we? As soon as you examine your life from the outside, it becomes very plain that all sorts of internal factors come into play and you see instead the relationship between your inner and outer life. On the second week, we looked at our lives from the lens of growth: what were the events, people, thoughts that expanded us, which ones died or fell away? What new impulses were born, what did we have to set free? We looked at our general well-being, our life forces. This week, we looked at our soul life: which people, events, realizations triggered our emotions ? How did we move through our feeling life? Did we turn away, lean in, rise above, widen our perspective, respond differently, ask bigger questions? On our last session, we will look at that part of the human being that brings all together. From here we hope to be able to enter Christmas with a full picture of who we were and who we are becoming.

Advent is a time of darkness; some people find themselves lost and alone in it. Because or little group  dedicated time to tune in and look at our past year with objectivity and kindness, we gave ourselves the gift of perspective. We found a pocket of peace amidst the chaos.  It didn’t make us immune to the sadness and melancholy, the difficulties, the balancing between frenzy and quiet, but it did give us pause. We gathered and shared stories. We listened, moved, breathed, ate, laughed and held space for each other. We created community.  Together, we made this season of polarities much more bearable.

This is what I wish for all of you, that you have somehow been able to hold your inner spaces with tenderness and equanimity, so that the true gifts of the season can find their way home.

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