Nov 212017

I’ve been taking lots of long early morning walks. The neighborhood is quiet, its streets deserted and still a little dark. I am fresh from sleep, unburdened by the stresses of the day. There is only a looking forward, therefore a greater spaciousness for being. As my body begins to move, I notice there is much that arises in the soul–memories, feelings, thoughts that often come from far away places. I welcome them all and often stop, retrace my steps, unsure of whether I had reached the bottom of the street, or passed a favorite tree, lost as I am in my internal world. But the one thing I’m always awake to is sunlight. The minute it starts peeping through the sky, I open to receive. I stand beneath its beams and turn my face upwards to meet its rays. Always, always, I break into a smile. I just can’t help it. My face just does it.

So today, as I shared in a friend’s heartache, she asked what we could do to keep from drowning. It just came to me: turn towards the sun. Walk to it, stand under it, follow it. Just get there. And when you do simply open your heart, close your eyes, spread your arms and bathe in its warm embrace. Feel your face move into a smile. Take pleasure. Be grateful. These are moments of pure divinity– there for everyone to receive.

This is something I have come to look forward to, especially now that Advent is approaching and the darkest part of the year is upon us. We will soon find ourselves wrapped in external darkness, called to be beacons of an inner light.  For some the darkness will mean deeper sadness or unbearable longing. It is during these times that we forget that light is everywhere and it has never ever deserted us.  Really, all we need to do is turn towards it.

Tomorrow. Look to the sun!

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