Jul 182016
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You won’t be smiling like her and you really won’t be saving anything.


I know. This is a weird post, considering I mostly write about the interior life. Consider it community service!

I am a frequent shipper of stuff, yes I am, so I’m always looking out for practical and efficient door-to-door service. When I first heard of the LBC Shippingcart, I thought it might be worth trying. What I liked most was their online interface, which I thought would help the process along on both ends. There would be no mix-ups about stuff as both parties would have a record. I gave it a go.

One month after my things were delivered to their warehouse, nothing had shipped. Then notices of delays and backlogs started appearing on their website. Also, no one answered emails, except to say they would answer.  I started calling their customer service. I got nowhere quickly, but at least there was a human voice at the end of it. I made sure I got her name (thank you Reg Reboquio) and asked for her each time I called, which eliminated getting passed around and having to repeat my story multiple times.

I had two items that were time sensitive–the reason I started a box to begin with. Seeing that everything was delayed, I asked if I could pull those two items out of sea shipment and put them on air shipment, nevermind if it would cost more than shipping the entire box of goods by sea. Because of their inefficiency, that was no longer an option. They agreed. They cancelled the entire transaction and pulled out the two items for air shipment.

But they still didn’t ship. Then all my items disappeared from my online shipping cart. I made so many calls, sent emails, Facebook messages. I thought there was a silver lining when I was given a tracking number for my air shipment, only to be told days later that even THAT box had not shipped. Not sure what we were tracking then. Air, maybe. No one could tell me anything except “pasensya na talaga po, maam”, with ever increasing embarrassment.

I decided to call my regular shipper, Attila Cargo, and asked if they would please pick-up my goods from the LBC warehouse. I apologized for being kapal, but I was out of options. They so graciously agreed. I was in the midst of organizing this with Reg, when all of a sudden I got notice saying everything had been shipped by sea, for free, including my air shipment goods.

You can imagine my frustration. As if shipping everything free of charge was the point. I was pretty happy to pay their fees to get my stuff when I needed them. But, no. What do they care. No one could explain to me why this was done. I got a Facebook message (yes, I tried contacting them on all platforms because I was getting NOTHING) saying they asked the warehouse why this happened but no one got back to them.

So, you see, this is a poorly run company and customer service is not a core value. I suggest you check out the comments on their Facebook page. The complaints are rising. Unfortunately, by the time my shipment arrives, I will be away, so I won’t even know if everything will be accounted for. There are complaints about missing items already. I posted a similar warning on my Facebook page and some well meaning friends shared it with the owners. As predicted, no one has connected. That says a lot.

Consider this a commercial break from my usual entries, and my little effort at saving you time, good vibes, money and frustration. If you’re thinking of using this service, consider yourself warned.


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