Aug 302015



I am travelling again.

I sit here in my teenie-weenie hotel room and try to trace the threads of life that brought me to this physical space, right at this moment. This time last year, I was closing a chapter in my life I did not think would end. The year before, my life was coasting along, with barely a hint of the tremors to come. Since then I have been on multiple airplane rides and just as many emotional upheavals.

I could crumble under the torrent of change, but instead I’ve chosen to take lots of deep breaths, stay open, take in more sky, and stop asking why (and give in to the occasional rhyme, apparently). I had planned this trip for reasons that did not materialize, but here I am anyway, writing a different story.

Last night as I tried to create flow in my little room, I came to appreciate how travel revitalizes you in such subtle, yet powerful¬†ways. In figuring out seemingly minor things like how to make the space work, make it my own, overcome minor challenges, I felt my inner spaces move. As I walk unfamiliar streets, cast my view on architecture and landscapes I’ve never seen,¬† open my ears to unfamiliar sounds, I feel myself expand. And what life can’t use more of that? Which sorrow won’t be helped by that?

There is so much the world has to offer. It isn’t just beautiful spaces and interesting cultures, but the spark of change every new experience awakens in you.

A few weeks from now, I know I will come home an expanded version of myself. I will look back on this time with eyes made new by just this one thread in my life I chose to follow.


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  6 Responses to “Writing the New”

  1. New is good.

    May you come home with the perspective only being away can offer.

    • Joyce! Maraming salamat! New is very good and I did come home with so much–more than I had hoped for when I first set out.

  2. I love reading your posts. It has a very cathartic effect. I myself am going through some madness in my life right now. The way you express your thoughts into words is both comforting and inspiring. Thank you Panjee for bringing to light through your blog what some of us can only feel and think about.

    • Lizette, thank you so much! I hope to be able to write more consistently. I hope you are coming through the madness now. I took online courses with Caroline Myss and Marianne Williamson and just did a lot of reading, moving, writing and now I am back refreshed and ready to go again. I’m glad you find comfort and inspiration here. Thank you for dropping in.

  3. I am a follower Ms. Panjee. Go away so you can come back afresh. God bless.

    • Flona, I did and am back and yay! Salamat for the pep talk. It was nice to read that. For some reason I just saw the latest comments today. I didn’t get a notification, but I like that I woke up to this. Thank you!

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