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The Institute for Steiner’s Ideas in Practice (ISIP) Philippines
Rudolf Steiner Education in the Philippines (RStEP)
is proud to present
Intensive Beginner’s Course in Waldorf/Steiner Early Childhood Education
ISIP Center, 6241 Palma cor Mañalac Sts.
Poblacion, Makati City
The two-part course is for parents, school administrators, curriculum developers, teachers, and other individuals interested in age-appropriate early childhood education and in personal development. Part 1 is Foundation Studies: What is Anthroposophy and Part 2 is Waldorf Early Childhood Studies.
Rarely is the Intensive Beginner’s Course in Waldorf/Steiner Early Childhood Education given in the Philippines, facilitated by the pioneers of Anthroposophy and Waldorf education in the country, Bella and Jake Tan.
**Pay only P13,000 FOR PART 1 AND PART 2 if fully paid and registered by March 12, 2010!**
Part 1: Foundation Studies: What is Anthroposophy?
Dates: March 12, 13, 19, 20 for a total of 4 days (two Fridays and two Saturdays)
Fee: P5,000 not including meals

Part 1 presents the principles of Anthroposophy in a direct, understandable way. It gives an overview of the introductory books written by Rudolf Steiner, as well as how the arts, sciences, education, agriculture, medicine, architecture have been permeated and transformed by the impulse of Anthroposophy. The basis for Waldorf education, bio-dynamic agriculture, eurythmy, anthroposophic art, medicine, etc are explained.

Part 1 also shows how Anthroposophy brings together the spiritual and practical, gives a deeper understanding of the nature of the human being, and provides answers to some of the most challenging riddles of human existence.

Part 1: Foundation Studies may be taken independently of Part 2: Waldorf Early Childhood Studies. It also serves as a pre-requisite to Part 2.

* * *
Part 2: Waldorf Early Childhood Studies
Dates: April 8-10, 15-17, 22-24 for a total of 9 days (three Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays)
Fee: P10,000 not including meals
Part 2 delves specifically with the Waldorf curriculum, with special emphasis on the development of the Child from conception to 7 years.
Topics include:
– Biography work
– Preparing yourself and your kindergarten
– Introduction to singing
– Recorder playing
– Wet-on-wet painting
– Eurythmy
– Speech
– Clay modeling
– Storytelling
– Doll- and toy-making
Experts Grace Zozobrado-Hahn (Eurythmy) , Kathryn Perlas (Form drawing), and Reimon Gutierrez (Art), will conduct modules.
You can only sign up for Part 2: Waldorf Early Childhood Studies if you have taken Part 1: Foundation Studies.
**Pay only P13,000 FOR PART 1 AND PART 2 if fully paid and registered by March 12, 2010!**
Completion of the entire course qualifies you to participate in follow-up courses to enhance knowledge, capacity, and skills. For those who will begin a playgroup/kindergarten, or will teach in one, mentors may be invited to observe you so you may benefit from their feedback.
The Intensive Beginner’s Course in Waldorf/Steiner Early Childhood Education will be held at ISIP Center, 6241 Palma cor Mañalac Sts., Makati City, near Rockwell and Ateneo ProfessionalSchools.
For more details call 899 4675; text 0917 557 7427 (please include your name); or email
About the Facilitators
Bella Tan is an early childhood educator, teacher/trainer and mentor for Rudolf Steiner Education in the Philippines (RStEP). She is a pioneer of Steiner/Waldorf education in the country, having introduced it here in 1992. Trained in Australia , Bella initiated the Parent-Toddlers Program in 1997. She also writes children’s books.
Joaquin (Jake) Tan is a natural health practitioner and teacher/trainer for Rudolf Steiner Education in the Philippines (RStEP). He trained in Anthroposophic Pharmaceutical Preparations and Medicine in Bad Boll, Germany , and took the English course in Anthroposophic Medicine in Arlesheim , Switzerland . Also trained in Acupuncture, Jake gives lectures on the health aspects ofchild development.
Both Bella and Jake are co-founders of the first Waldorf Kindergarten/School in 1994, and MIKAEL Playgarden, the first full-day co-parenting center in 2006. They travel to Hong Kong, Taiwanand Mainland China and co-lecture on early childhood education and health.


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Feb 012010

Please click on the image to see it up close. Even if Nicanor Perlas is not your candidate, his knowledge of the environment and how it is related to everything will deepen your understanding of the world. So, if you are a true greenie and care about the future of our country, share this and show up.

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Feb 012010
The Whitespace Green Market started last December–a brainchild of owner Monique Villonco, with the help of daughter, Cris, and a handful of like-minded, strong-hearted women. I’ve only missed one market, but am back in the loop and shouting it out: THIS IS A GREAT MARKET! One doesn’t get overwhelmed with too much stuff because the merchandise is carefully chosen. It’s a great space, airconditioned, high ceilings, lots of light, (really clean and pretty bathrooms), and the food is great. Most of the products are green and earth-friendly, and more and more vendors are joining. Margarita Fores has her commissary in Whitespace, so she serves a delicious lunch buffet at a great price. This market happens every last Sunday of the month, so be there on February 28. It’s a great place to meet up with friends and family. The market starts at around noon and ends at 7pm.

Fabulous T’nalak merchandise from TADECO.
LEYENDE: Local and organic health and beauty products.
A forever favorite: MESSY BESSY!
Ultra-soft, hand-stitched leather with recycled airplane tires for soles. CUTE & COMFY!
Natural, woven products. Very special.

Thanks to Girlie Rodis for the photos! See you at the Whitespace Market (2314 Chino Roces Ave, formerly Pasong Tamo Extension. Look for the green gate)!
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Jan 062010

As usual, please click on the image for it to make sense! Gisela Wielki is a Christian Community priest who has been visiting us for 7 years! Imagine that. She has enriched our personal journeys a thousandfold. If you’re raring to explore new roads this year, this would be a great place to start. See you there.
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Dec 202009


EFT seems to be one of those modes of healing that belongs to the realm of “medicine of the future”. I had a private session with Caroline Rhodes, a Hong Kong based practitioner, who has been practicing EFT for 8 years, and I came out of it understanding certain patterns about my life. She led me safely to the root of certain issues that were affecting my health and, therefore, the health of my children. Caroline is really a very special woman–gentle, kind, and compassionate — and brings 25 years of experience in other healing modalities as well.
For some ailments, EFT can bring instant relief. During the workshop, we were able to heal ourselves of food addictions in a matter of minutes. It really works. (I don’t dream about bread anymore!) Other issues might take more time, though Caroline herself shared a lot of remarkable stories about healing tumors, trauma, cancers and other serious illnesses.
If you are looking for a healthier way of healing and are ready to go down the path of your emotions, this is for you. It’s great that Archie and Lingling King have made this possible. Sign up now and heal yourself and your family.
Please click on the image to make it readable. 🙂
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