Apr 182018

I have been quiet on this front because I have been busy with training for various certifications. I am now both a Conscious Uncoupling coach and a HeartMath™ Certified Coach and Trainer.  Yes, I help people have healthy, responsible, respectful breakups (more on that soon) and I also teach techniques that make change possible. This is HeartMath™.

I heard about HeartMath™ many years ago, so when I learned that I could finally train to share it with people, I jumped at the chance. I cannot tell you how transformative this has been for me. I am much healthier physically (more energy, much less fatigue) and I am now able to traverse my emotional landscape with much more objectivity and equanimity. My communication skills are also much improved; I have learned to listen with an open heart, putting aside my judgments, stories and attachment to specific outcomes. People and situations that triggered me just don’t have the same power anymore. I make better decisions, am calmer and rely on the wisdom of my heart to show me the way. Through simple, science-based techniques, I continue to transform and be wonderfully surprised at my results.

I am giving my first full length workshop as a trainer soon and I would love it very much if you could join me so we can explore this wonderful world of transformation and heart intelligence together.


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Dec 062011
Love the detail

I had a great time shopping at TALA a few weekends ago. TALA is the brainchild of Mavis Fuentebella and some like-minded moms. I love the stylishness, the fabrics and the price points of these clothes. There was a time I could only look wistfully at the TALA clothes because I found them too short, but recently Mavis started designing longer dresses, so I finally made a few purchases! And just when I was getting excited about TALA, she launched Grubbies. Grubbies is the active lifestyle line. I’m more the Grubbies type, since I don’t do a lot of dress-up events anymore.  They are comfy, well-designed pieces that take  you through the day in understated style. I love Grubbies!!!


Happy colors!



Great color palette!


Earth tones and textures.


Mavis and her mom partners have a great arrangement. They’re all moms first and that’s understood. So when someone has to be home or with a child, that takes priority. Everyone defines his commitment to this endeavor. I love that. It gives everyone freedom. From the way it looks, the arrangement is working beautifully.  Every woman has a creative and entrepreneurial expression, without the pressure of being away from home and the children.


TALA dress with JO accessories


Did I tell you that they collaborate with Joyce Oreña as well? She makes the most amazing accessories and I’m always trying to veer away from her counter so as not to involuntarily give up my wallet.


Mavis and husband, Jim, making sure the kids of customers are happily busy while mom shops.


This season, you can find Tala and Grubbies at Unit 103, Three Salcedo Place, Tordesillas St., Salcedo Village, Makati. They are open Thursdays-Saturdays, 10am-6pm, and Sundays from 12nn-6pm.


Natural beauty, Mavis, with my favorite Grubbies denim bag. I use it for everything.


There is so much to love about this initiative, but the thing I love most is that it’s 100% Filipino made. The price points are good and you know you’re getting value for money and supporting a local business as well.

Congratulations to TALA, Grubbies, Mavis and her team!!

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Feb 012011


I hope it’s not too late to get you to jump on this. Here in Manila the course starts in a little over an hour, but I just got this in the mail yesterday and jumped on it. I believe this is the way of the future and I hope to catch you there.

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Aug 242010
Farming in Harmony with the Cosmos:
Introduction to Bio-dynamic Agriculture
Thursday, September  2, 2010, 6:00pm-8:30pm
ISIP Center, 6241 Palma cor Mañalac St., Makati City (near Rockwell)
FEE: P600 including handouts and light snack
Institute for Steiner’s Ideas in Practice (ISIP) Philippines presents a lecture by Gregory Kitma, one of the country’s leading expert practitioners on Bio-dynamic Farming.
Many of us have heard of and are quite familiar with ORGANIC farming. Organic food production requires the use of safe, sustainable farming methods, producing healthy crops and livestock without damage to the environment. No artificial or chemical fertilizers and pesticides are used, and animals are reared without use of antibiotics and drugs. The health of the soil is maintained and the welfare of livestock considered.
Bio-dynamic farmers take the organic concept even further. The approach is holistic, recognizing that there are invisible life forces embedded in plants and animals that work in partnership. There is a recognition that the whole earth is a living organism in harmony with the vast cosmos, and each farm is unique. The result is food within nature’s organization bursting with health and vitality.
The evening introductory lecture will provide participants with the basic philosophy, principles, and methods of Bio-dynamic Agriculture.
P600, inclusive of handouts and light snacks
5:30pm             Registration and snacks
6:00pm-8:30pm  Lecture
For reservations and inquiries
Call (02) 899 46 75, text 0920 983 1329 or email ISIP.Philippines@gmail.com
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