Apr 182018

I have been quiet on this front because I have been busy with training for various certifications. I am now both a Conscious Uncoupling coach and a HeartMath™ Certified Coach and Trainer.  Yes, I help people have healthy, responsible, respectful breakups (more on that soon) and I also teach techniques that make change possible. This is HeartMath™.

I heard about HeartMath™ many years ago, so when I learned that I could finally train to share it with people, I jumped at the chance. I cannot tell you how transformative this has been for me. I am much healthier physically (more energy, much less fatigue) and I am now able to traverse my emotional landscape with much more objectivity and equanimity. My communication skills are also much improved; I have learned to listen with an open heart, putting aside my judgments, stories and attachment to specific outcomes. People and situations that triggered me just don’t have the same power anymore. I make better decisions, am calmer and rely on the wisdom of my heart to show me the way. Through simple, science-based techniques, I continue to transform and be wonderfully surprised at my results.

I am giving my first full length workshop as a trainer soon and I would love it very much if you could join me so we can explore this wonderful world of transformation and heart intelligence together.


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Jul 272011

After lots of grief and live chats with techies who are probably throwing darts at my domain name, I’m finally up and running on WordPress. Thanks a million to Tanya of Blogelina who patiently went back and forth with me as I freaked out through the process. Just when I thought I’d lost everything, because I did visually lose sight of my entire blog when I thought I had enough programming skills (which I have zero of)  to fix a minor problem, she really came through for me.

I’m still finding my way through so please bear with me. The old posts came in imperfectly with weird fonts, misaligned paragraphs, and all kinds of little things going their own way. I still haven’t decided if I’m going to be OC about that and fix each one. Right now I think my time is better spent on new entries. I’ll deal with that when I have 24 extra hours to work with. In the meantime, welcome to my new home!


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Feb 012011


I hope it’s not too late to get you to jump on this. Here in Manila the course starts in a little over an hour, but I just got this in the mail yesterday and jumped on it. I believe this is the way of the future and I hope to catch you there.

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