Jul 282011

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I buy my flowers from Flower Depot because they are grown biodynamically and with love! Not only are these blooms beautiful, they are pesticide free and stay fresh and gorgeous for a long time. Each time I walk past them at home, I dive into their soft petals and inhale their life-giving scent. There’s nothing like it. I wouldn’t do that with other blooms grown the traditional way, but with these I know I am inhaling nothing but goodness. And I do it often! I just can’t resist. For many Christmases now, I’ve been ordering my roses from them. They make my tree come alive and fill my home with their incredible scent.

The owners, Paula and Niccolo Aberasturi, are close friends who have since expanded their business to include biodynamic vegetables and grassfed beef and pork. Yay! Isn’t that the best news yet? Check them out at downtoearth. They are also at the Salcedo and Legazpi weekend markets.

Isn’t it wonderful that there are more and more healthy, sustainable and environmentally sound choices for our families?



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Jun 272010

I love these ecobags. I own a few and always get asked about them, so on my last trip abroad, I decided to bring some home to sell. They can carry up to 40lbs (YES!), are very light and pretty, but expand to an unimaginable girth, too. So, if you are as committed as I am to quit using plastic and keep reusing, come visit our table at the Whitespace market today, June 27, at 2314 Chino Roces Ave., formerly Pasong Tamo Extension (look for the green gate). The market opens at noon and closes at 7pm. There’s great food by Margarita Fores plus a lot of earth-friendly buys. We’re also selling special books at 30% off, plus other Steiner Education materials.

See you there! (If you miss it, see you there every last Sunday of the month.)
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Jun 012010

I’m so excited when I find great products. I’m particularly excited when “establishment’ corporations like 3M begin to do something worthwhile. Biodegradable wipes and sponges at last! YAHOOOOOOO!!!! I found these at True Value. Of course you have to really be on the look out for certain key words–a skill I’ve developed over time–like biodegradable, green (but make sure you read why), organic, phosphate-free, non-toxic–to spot them. These sponges were practically hidden on a stand-alone shelf along the main aisle. But I’ve developed a sixth sense for these things and am often happily surprised at what I find.

I’m also happy that there’s a new natural local detergent. I used to use Victoria but the residue it leaves on my machine leaves much to be desired. I use Messy Bessy now, but I have to go so far to get it, so I was excited to see this brand at the South Supermarket in Alabang. Yes, just there sitting beside its more toxic counterparts.
Ang saya!
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Apr 212010

I am a fan of all things organic, because I know it’s the sure path towards a sustainable future for humanity and the earth. But when organic meets utter delight–well–my world just explodes in color.

I have always been a fan of Green and Black’s organic chocolate. My favorite is Butterscotch which, unfortunately, isn’t easily found. (D. and I are lucky to have sisters living in the U.K., ensuring at least a yearly taste.) But on this trip, we discovered a new to-die-for flavor: PEANUT. And don’t you just love the packaging? It tastes like peanut brittle with a little bit of sea salt then bathed in a wonderful, creamy, not-too-sweet, organic milk chocolate.
What’s my name again?
Green and Black’s is available at Healthy Options, though I’m not sure they have this flavor in yet. Go and demand it! I’ve bought not-so-fresh bars there, so it’s really hit or miss. But if you have relatives from the U.K. or the States who are just dying to bring home the perfect “pasalubong” for you, you know what to ask for.
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Jan 262010

I don’t know why these images are so teeny-tiny, but just click on them to see. Congratulations to Rustan’s for helping to mainstream organic and earth-friendly products. I prefer to use local when I can, but that these products are available here is already cause for celebration. It’s proof that products that keep our families and the earth healthy, are no longer just for treehuggers! Hooray! There are other products available in the line so visit when you can.

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Oct 172008

I’ve never been attached to labels. Why spend megabucks (enough to send kids to school, feed multiple families, or do other much needed,  life-giving work in the world) for anything that has someone else’s name or trademark on it? I couldn’t live with myself.  I guess my weaknesses lie elsewhere.  But for innovations like these, I do my share and spread the word.
Say hi to the “Maria” collection–so proudly Pinoy. I own a Sili Labuyo, which I will be collecting soon, courtesy of my sister, Tam, who conceptualized and designed the bags! Brilliant! I know, nepotism and all that, but really it’s a great product and I would have featured it here even if the genius behind it didn’t share my blood. Just so happens we do.
There are other designs as well but for some reason I’m unable to post all of them at this time. This is merely the first blush.  As we speak, other products in the line are on the way.  For now, make sure you get yourself a bag that says something!  Why say LV (all over the bag!)when you can say something more interesting like Kalachuchi, Dalandan or Suha?? (Yup, the line has those, too). Check them out at the Global Pinoy Bazaar on Cuenca St., Ayala Alabang Village on October 18 & 19, the Urban Bazaar at the Rockwell tent on October 24 & 25 and at the Assumption Bazaar at the Intercon on November 23.  You can also email your orders to tamilabags@gmail.com.
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Mar 192008

I’ve been enjoying organic greens from Gejo Jimenez of Kitchen Herbs. What great, living food and from such a nice guy, too. I have not had the pleasure of meeting Gejo but I’ve already been tormenting him with my orders. He is very accommodating and a total pro. My buying experience with him balances out the negative experiences with others (APO FLOORS!!)because he clearly knows how to deal with customers. Integrity, right? He has it plus, plus. I told him I needed salad for two to last me this week and then said, “Bahala ka na!” and he did just that. Business men ought to learn what service really means from him. So if you love your salad and eat only organic, Gejo is your guy. You can email him at kitchenherbs@gmail.com or text him at 09178108293.

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Nov 282007

And now, something environmentally friendly and wonderfully local, too!   It’s always difficult to make the choice between buying an environmentally safe, biodegradable, non-toxic product and buying the least dangerous regular but local product. So, it’s great that Pinoys are starting to manufacture safe products. I’ve tried some of them and I’m happy so far. I just wish the Orange Blossom Surface Cleaner didn’t smell so flowery-sweet, but that’s just me. I prefer citrus scents. But give it a go. Messy Bessy is the brainchild of Krie Lopez. I can’t show each product here, but just click on the image to see it up close.  Not only is it good for your health, your home and the environment, it also helps the young adults at the Virlanie Foundation.

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